Update Ghost 0.8.0 Using Openshift Quickstart

I don’t know why the repository of Openshift Ghost Quickstart seems to be abandoned since January 2016. I mean, like there isn’t any activity from the developer behind the Openshift team. That’s why I initiated to start to write this post, because I believe that there are many of people like me trying to solve this problem. Yes, the problem to update the Ghost core to the recent version.

I found a very good repository of MunGell. He forked it from the main repository of Openshift Ghost Quickstart and tried to make a self-update for the Ghost installation, of course it is 0.8.0.

Ghost Admin Panel

Here are the steps or tutorial on how to update your Ghost to the version 0.8.0.

I assume that you already clone your own ghost application in to your local machine.

  1. Go and download this repository then extract it.
  2. Copycontent and node_module folder and also the file named package.json
  3. Go to your ghost-application folder. Paste and merge it.
  4. Open your own ghost-application folder in terminal by hitting cd your-ghost-application-folder.


git add .  
git commit -m "Update to Ghost 0.8.0"  
git push  

Note: It will also delete your default Casper theme configuration, so be wise enough to make a back up first.

  1. Credit: MunGell