Update Ghost 0.11.3 [Openshift]

Monday, December 19, 2016


First. Let me tell you that it is just another update and I wouldn’t explain the new features as they have been explained here in every developer blog post. Just go and read it.

Second. I also try to explain it briefly as I assume that you have read the others posts I wrote before here and here.


Remember to always do a backup first before doing an upgrade.

  1. Go to your blog dashboard > Labs > then hit the Export button. This will export your settings and your content to a json file that you can import whenever you need it.
  2. Make a snapshot of your cartridge by using this command in your terminal rhc snapshot save <app_name>. You can read about this in here.

Pre Update

Please make sure you have installed the right version of node.js in your machine, just take a look at this post for the compabilities. I use 4.2 as this is the recommended one and the version of Node that they use with Ghost in production on Ghost(Pro).

Type node -v to show the version.

Then tidy up your application to prevent a Not Enough Space error. Just run this command on your terminal.

rhc app tidy <your-application-name>


In order to the new Node.js support and a few dependency updates, you should modify your package.json file in your root app folder. I have changed the node version and added the newest dependencies update. You may choose whatever you want. Here is mine:

    "name": "openshift-ghost-quickstart",
    "description" : "Openshift Ghost Quickstart (SQLite)",
    "repository": {
        "type": "git",
        "url": "git://github.com/openshift/openshift-ghost-quickstart.git"
    "bugs": "https://github.com/openshift/openshift-ghost-quickstart/issues",
    "main": "index.js",
    "scripts": {
        "start": "node index"
    "engines": {
        "node": "~4.2.0",
        "iojs": "~1.2.0"
    "dependencies": {
        "express": "^4.14.0",
        "ghost": "^0.11.3",
	    "amperize": "0.3.1",
	    "archiver": "1.1.0",
	    "bcryptjs": "2.3.0",
	    "bluebird": "3.4.6",
	    "body-parser": "1.15.2",
	    "bookshelf": "0.10.2",
	    "chalk": "1.1.3",
	    "cheerio": "0.22.0",
	    "compression": "1.6.2",
	    "connect-slashes": "1.3.1",
	    "cookie-session": "1.2.0",
	    "cors": "2.8.1",
	    "csv-parser": "1.11.0",
	    "downsize": "0.0.8",
	    "express-hbs": "1.0.3",
	    "extract-zip-fork": "1.5.1",
	    "fs-extra": "0.30.0",
	    "ghost-gql": "0.0.5",
	    "glob": "5.0.15",
	    "gscan": "0.0.15",
	    "html-to-text": "2.1.3",
	    "image-size": "0.5.0",
	    "intl": "1.2.5",
	    "intl-messageformat": "1.3.0",
	    "jsonpath": "0.2.7",
	    "knex": "0.12.5",
	    "lodash": "4.16.4",
	    "moment": "2.15.2",
	    "moment-timezone": "0.5.7",
	    "morgan": "1.7.0",
	    "multer": "1.2.0",
	    "netjet": "1.1.3",
	    "node-uuid": "1.4.7",
	    "nodemailer": "0.7.1",
	    "oauth2orize": "1.5.1",
	    "passport": "0.3.2",
	    "passport-http-bearer": "1.0.1",
	    "passport-oauth2-client-password": "0.1.2",
	    "path-match": "1.2.4",
	    "rss": "1.2.1",
	    "sanitize-html": "1.13.0",
	    "semver": "5.3.0",
	    "showdown-ghost": "0.3.6",
	    "sqlite3": "3.1.8",
	    "superagent": "2.3.0",
	    "unidecode": "0.1.8",
	    "validator": "5.7.0",
	    "xml": "1.0.1"

Save it.

Then remove node_modules folder, clean the node packages cache:

rm -rf node\_modules && npm cache clear

Then reinstall the packages:

npm install --production

Push your changes

git add .
git commit -m "Update to Ghost 0.11.3"
git push

Voila !